Our Motivation

"Even the longest journey begins with a first step." Konfuzius

Our big dream is for all children with rare diseases to be diagnosed early, to have effective therapies available to them and to be able to lead a happy life worth living. One of our goals is to come closer to this dream.

Research into new cures or therapies in the healthcare sector is lengthy and involves immense costs. Especially in the field of clinical research, sums of several hundred million are the rule. Investments in research into rare diseases are therefore usually not profitable for the pharmaceutical industry. As a result, there are only just under 220 drugs (as of June 2023) available that have been developed specifically for rare diseases.

It is all the more important that private foundations, such as Kindness for Kids, engage in this area, as only through targeted research the quality of the childrens´ life can be improved here and now. The families often experience extreme emotional stress and are left to fend for themselves. Providing them with hope for better treatments and therapies is our motivation.

As many of the issues result from the rarity of the respective disease, such as long diagnosis times or a lack of local access to specialist, Kindness for Kids has been involved in healthcare research for a number of years, with a focus on adressing these challenges.