We cannot change the wind, 
but we can adjust the sails. ARISTOTELES

Your donation goes 100% into our projects, as all administrative costs are covered by the founders. However, it would not be possible without the help of generous individuals willing to support sick children in Germany. All social and scientific projects are financed exclusively by donations.


Private Donations

If you are planning a celebration, an anniversary or something similar and are materially content and happy?

Then write to us at and we will send you materials such as postcards, flyers or annual reports in advance or assist you in planning your individual fundraising event.


1. Your guests transfer funds directly to us. Please state our bank details in the invitations and agree a keyword with us, which the guests will state when making the transfer.    

2. You transfer the collected donations directly to us and receive a donation receipt.


Company Donations

Corporate Social Responsibility is already a staple in many companies, and its presence can also be decisive for employees in times of skilled labor shortages. More and more companies are taking on social responsibility and embedding it in their corporate philosophy. Donate a part of your economic success to children with rare diseases.

Do you want to show your social commitment and do good on special occasions such as anniversaries or Christmas? Are you planning an individual fundraising event?

Write to us at and we will send you materials in advance, such as postcards, flyers or annual reports or help you plan your individual fundraising campaign. 



The Kindness for Kids team welcomes any form of support. You are therefore very welcome to volunteer with us and donate your time and expertise to us and the children. The opportunities for social commitment are diverse and everyone donates what they can. The activities range from art, dance, movement and animal-assisted therapy, event support to full-week internships at one of our camps.

Write to us at 


You can also make an online transfer directly to:

Kindness for Kids 
IBAN DE31700202700002486857


For our Swiss supporters, you can use our Swiss donation page here.