Our Motivation

""It's more important to do something small than to talk big about it." WILLY BRANDT

Most rare diseases are chronic, severe and often life-limiting. We cannot change this fate. However, what we can do today is to give these children happy, unique moments. Due to the illness, the children and their families are often isolated; they feel abandoned. Their daily lives are marked by long stays in hospital and numerous visits to doctors and therapists. The young patients repeatedly have to miss out on sports and play with friends or school trips and quickly become socially isolated.

Experiencing carefree moments in a community with others who are similarily affected, making friends, escaping everyday life, being allowed to be a child. All of this is achieved in our children's camps and family timeouts. The offerings are free of charge except for a small registration fee.

In addition to foundation staff, carefully selected specialists take care of the sick children and siblings around the clock. Reliable administration of the necessary medication is guaranteed. Specifities of the individual conditions are taken into account during the planning of the stays in advance.

With joy, we look back on over 20 years of experience in organising and conducting children's camps and familynbreaks.