Health Care Award

As outlined within the endowed professorship, healthcare research examines, evaluates and improves the quality and efficiency of healthcare. It significantly contributes to making healthcare more effective, more cost-efficient and, above all, more patient-centred.

The effectiveness of care structures and processes under everyday conditions, and the implementation of new care concepts is researched concurrently.

Since 2014, Kindness for Kids has been awarding a €40,000 care prize with the aim of making a concrete improvement to the lives of affected children. In 2016, for example, an app was developed to document the success of treatment for ichthyosis and, above all, to increase children's motivation for treatment in a playful way. The next call for applications is expected to take place in January 2025.


Invitation to tender & Criteria

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MPS Interim report 2021/2022

Abschlussbericht Neuropsychology for you 2021

Abschlussbericht Versorgungssituation für Kinder mit Stoffwechselerkrankungen 2019

Abschlussbericht Neue Versorgungselemente bei DSD 2017

Abschlussbericht Spiegelbewegungen bei kongenitaler Hemiparese 2016