Psychosocial Counseling

The inside is the most precious thing about people. EUGEN DREWERMANN

In many areas, the waiting time for an appointment with a therapist is currently several months, if you can get an appointment at all as a "new patient". However, many families are so stressed that they need help now. For this reason, we have been offering children, adolescents and their parents immediate psychosocial support since 2021 to bridge the gap until outpatient therapy or an inpatient stay. Rüdiger Bohnsack, a doctor and therapist trained in psychosomatics, psychodynamics and trauma therapy, provides advice in individually arranged one-to-one or family sessions.

The costs for 5 therapy sessions are covered by the foundation. Suitable proof of the existence of a rare disease in the child or adolescent must be presented.

If required, please contact Dr. Anja Frankenberger at

School with Avatar

Stay connected - even if the situation doesn't allow it, be fully involved!

Numerous rare illnesses mean that an affected child cannot take part in lessons for months, let alone school life. With the help of a robot (avatar), lessons are transmitted from the classroom directly to the sick child on a terminal device. The avatar can also be taken to the playground and on school trips. This means that not only is knowledge transferred, but the child remains part of the class community. Social participation is still possible.

As part of a cooperation with Munich RE, the foundation provides school avatars for children with long-term illnesses.

If required, please contact Dr. Anja Frankenberger at